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360° Mindfulness Workshop - Fall Semester 2022

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Mondays 5:30 to 6:30 pm

September 12: Secular and Non-Secular Mindfulness (Sabine Grunwald) [slides]

September 19: The Groundless Ground (Paul Linn)

September 26: Qigong (Nancy Lasseter)

October 3: Static Mindfulness Practices from Donghua Awareness-Illumination Chan (DAIC) (Yao-Chin Wang) [slides

  • Donghua Awareness-Illumination Chan (DAIC): (This video covers (1) What’s Donghua Awareness-Illumination Chan (DAIC), (2) Dynamic Yoga (Ch. dong gong), (3) Three-Syllable Mantra, and (4) Static Yoga (Ch. jing gong).

  • Dynamic Yoga (Ch. dong gong) of Donghua Awareness-Illumination Chan (DAIC):

October 10: Giving and Receiving Compassion (Carol Lewis) [poetry]

October 17: Sensing and Savoring (Trish Magyari)

October 24: The Ecology of Meditation Practices (Sabine Grunwald)

October 31: Ancestor Meditation (Chuck Pickeral & Misti Oxford-Pickeral)

November 7: The Three Centers (Kim Holton)

November 14: Self-Compassion at Work (Remy Jennings)

November 21: Ordinary Gifts: Finding Beauty in the Mundane (Angie Brown)

November 28: Practicing Thankfulness (Jan Snyder)

December 5: Understanding the Nature of Suffering (Emi Lenes and Peggy Rios) (slides)

December 12: Art and Mindfulness (Maria Leite) (slides)

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