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360° Mindfulness Workshop - Fall Semester 2019



Mondays 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Aug. 29: Introduction to 360 degrees mindfulness (Sabine Grunwald).

Sept. 5: Mindfulness meditation practice 1 (Sabine Grunwald). 

Sept. 12: Mindfulness meditation practice 2 (Sabine Grunwald). 

Sept. 19: Compassion and loving-kindness practice (Sabine Grunwald).

Sept. 26: Compassion and loving-kindness practice (Ana Puig).

Oct. 3: Qigong—gentle body movements (Nancy Lasseter).

Oct. 10: Compassion and loving-kindness practice (Sabine Grunwald).

Oct. 14: Mind-body practice (Ana Puig).

Oct. 21: Mind-body practice (Jan Snyder).

Oct. 28:  Mind-body practice (Sabine Grunwald).

Nov. 4: Mindfulness & spirituality (Emi Lenes and Anthony Cortez).  

Nov. 18: Attention: Key to entering the spiritual realms (Lou Ritz). 

Nov. 25: Gratitude practice (Henok Pankhurst and Sabine Grunwald).

Dec. 2: Debunk anxiety and stress – BREATHE (Jan Snyder).

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