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360° Mindfulness Workshop - Spring Semester 2020

Tattooed Wrists


Mondays 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Jan. 9: Seeing with clarity (Sabine Grunwald).

Jan. 16: Social breath (Sabine Grunwald).

Jan. 23: Self-compassion (Sabine Grunwald).

Jan. 30: Compassion practice (Sabine Grunwald).

Feb. 6: How to step into big mind (Brett and Ditte Ferrigan).

Feb. 13: Compassion for the world (Sabine Grunwald).

Feb. 20: Body awareness meditation (Chuck Pickeral).

Feb. 27: Why meditate? (Henok Pankhurst).

March 9: Multidimensional purification (Anthony Cortez and Emi Lenes).

March 16: Practicing presence (Anthony Cortez and Emi Lenes).

March 23: Kundalini yoga (Erin Prophet).

March 30: Working with the breath (Kim Holton).

April 6: Reflexology at your fingertips (Lylly Rodríguez).

April 13: Earth breathing (Chuck Pickeral).

April 20: Mindful exam taking (Jan Snyder). 

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