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360° Mindfulness Workshop - Spring Semester 2021

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Mondays 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Jan 25: Healing with the arts: Vision boards (Mary Rockwood Lane).

Feb 1: Mindfulness of the breath, body, sounds, and thoughts (Carol Lewis).

Feb 8: Mindfulness of difficulties (Carol Lewis).

Feb 15: Mindfulness practice in the Buddhist context (Mario Poceski).

Feb 22: Journaling as meditation (Ana Puig).

Mar 1: Reflexology (Lylly Rodriguez).

Mar 8: Breathwork for self-regulation (Kim Holton).

Mar 15: Trataka - candle gazing (Ellie Laughlin).

Mar 22: Social meditation (Sabine Grunwald).

Mar 29: Everything is connected (Melissa Montilla).

Apr 5: Mindful communication (Jan Snyder).

Apr 12: At home in the here and nNow (Chuck & Misty Pickeral),

Apr 19: Q&A panel on neditation (Sabine Grunwald, Jan Snyder & Kim Holton).

Apr 26: Social meditations (Sabine Grunwald).

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