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360° Mindfulness Workshop - Spring Semester 2022



Mondays 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Jan 10: Why 360 degrees of mindfulness (Sabine Grunwald)

Jan 24: To see with eyes afresh: The clarification of perception (Paul Linn)

Jan 31: Mindfulness for self-care (Angie Brown)

Feb 7: Giving and receiving compassion (Carol Lewis)

Feb 14: Developing Our Love Potential (Jan Snyder)

Feb 21: Nature reminds us (Emi Lenes and Nic Williams)

Feb 28: Self-compassion (Trish Magyari)

Mar 14: iRest Yoga Nidra (Carol Lewis)

Mar 21: Qigong (Nancy Lasseter)

Mar 28: TBA (Ana Puig)

April 4: Radical belonging (Sabine Grunwald)

Apr 11: Art & mindfulness (Maria Leite)

Apr 18: Sowing the seeds of mindfulness and awareness (Jan Snyder)

Apr 25: Being with breath (Kim Holton)

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