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360° Mindfulness Workshop - Spring Semester 2023

360 spring 2023.png


Mondays 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Jan 23: AI, Spirituality, Humanity, Wisdom and Mindfulness Practice (Sabine Grunwald). [slides]

Jan 30: Sensing into the Moment (Carol Lewis).

Feb 6: The Seven Factors of Awakening in Meditation & Life  (Paul Linn).

Feb. 13: Our True Basic Nature & What Appears to Obstruct It (Paul Linn).

Feb 20: Slow Looking with Art from the Harn (Allysa Peyton).

Feb 27: A Deep Dive Meditation (Sabine Grunwald).

Mar 6: Interpersonal Mindfulness: Relationship Remedies (Emi Lenes).

Mar 13: No session, spring break.

Mar 20: Qigong (Nancy Lasseter).

Mar 27: Befriending Yourself (Trish Magyari).

Apr 3: Yoga Nidra (Kim Holton).

Apr 10: Conscious Breathing to the Gathas of Thich Nhat Hanh (Carol Lewis).

 Apr 17: A Life Without Regret (Lenore Montalbano).

Apr 24: Mindful Living Practices for Non-Meditators (Ana Puig).

May 1: (in-person session) Dynamic Yoga & Group Meditation (Yao-Chin Wang and Kim Holton) (in-person session in Room: Florida Gym Room 235).

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