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360° Mindfulness Workshop - Fall Semester 2023

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Mondays 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Sep 11: Sabine Grunwald, The Simplicity of Living Life and Finding Our North Star.

Sep 18: Carol Lewis, Radical Acceptance.

Sep 25: Shana Smith, Introduction to Zen: Practice & Principle.

Oct 2: Shana Smith, Introduction to Zen: What are Koans?

Oct 9: Kim Holton, Mindful Movement & Yoga Nidra.

Oct 16: Trish Magyari, Mindful Self-Compassion Break.

Oct 23: Yao-Chin Wang, Static Mindfulness Practices from Donghua Awareness-Illumination Chan (DAIC).

Oct 30: Ana Puig, Taming the Anxious Mind.

Nov 6: Maria Leite, Creativity & Mindfulness (slides).

Nov 13: Paul Linn, A Recipe for Freedom.

Nov 20: Ricky Kendall, Singing the Unsung Mind.

Nov 27: Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Healing with Nature.

Dec 4: Emi Lenes & Peggy Rios, Mindfulness at Work.

Dec. 11: Angie Brown, The Sound of Silence.

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