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Enhance Your Happiness, Health, and Well-being.
Practice Mindfulness. Meditate.

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About UF Mindfulness

UF Mindfulness aims to co-create mindful academic culture at the University of Florida (UF). Mindfulness meditation is an ancient life practice and has been rediscovered to tame anxious minds and help relax stressed people in modern society.  Evidence-based mindfulness research has shown the effects of mindfulness and mind-body practices (e.g. , yoga, tai chi, body scans, whole body breathing) to reduce stress and depression,   enhance emotion regulation, well-being, and mental and physical health. Join the journey and explore what mindfulness may offer to you.  

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Mindful Gators

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"Give yourself permission to allow this moment to  be exactly as it is, and allow yourself to be exactly as you are."

– Jon Kabat-Zinn



Co-create a mindful UF campus culture.


The UF Mindfulness team aims to infuse mindfulness practices in courses and curricula at UF; offer workshops,  short courses, retreats, and trainings in mindfulness and mind-body practices; enhance collaborative mindfulness research; and  serve as a catalyst sparking mindful moments to bring forth health and well-being.


The UF Mindfulness Program was launched with funding by the UF Creative Campus Program (May 2015). Since then our team has expanded, we are engaged in collaborative networking and teaching of mindfulness across campus, and have formed three pillars focused on  Teaching & Practice, Research, and Student Development.

UF Mindfulness is a self-funded program. 


We are passionate to co-create mindfulness for the whole UF community—undergraduate and graduate students, Post-Docs, faculty members, researchers, staff, and administrators. 

We are also a catalyst to build compassionate, safe, and empowering communities contributing to the greater good. 

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