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UF Mindfulness Committees

Programmatic leadership of the UF Mindfulness Program is provided by Dr. Grunwald, Director of UF Mindfulness.  The organizational structure of UF Mindfulness consists of three committees: Teaching & Practice, Research, and Student Development.  The Core Group of UF Mindfulness entails the Director (Grunwald) and three Associate Directors (Holton, Puig, and Kennymore) who lead the three committees and leadership for outreach efforts via UF Mindfulness technology and social media platforms. The Members of UF Mindfulness are an important voice and provide programmatic input in all aspects of mindfulness at UF: teaching, practice, community outreach,  capacity building, research, and student development. Affiliates of UF Mindfulness are students, faculty, and staff at UF and others in the broader community (currently about 1,100+ individuals) who are aligned with the vision of UF Mindfulness — that is, be curious and learn about mindfulness meditation and mind-body practices; strive to live a mindful life and value health, well-being and human flourishing; and join like-minded folks to co-create mindful academic campus culture.

Yoga Class

Teaching & Practice Committee

Committee Leadership:
Associate Director Dr. Kim Holton

This committee focuses on programmatic development of trainings, workshops, retreats, practice groups, and community events coordinated and taught by members of UF Mindfulness and guest teachers. Secular and non-secular mindfulness is given equal voice to explore individual and social mindfulness and mind-body practices in face-to-face and online modes. The committee also nourishes the UF Mindfulness group through practices and retreats to foster well-being, health, and happiness among its members.

Committee members: Angie Brown, Sabine Grunwald, Emi Lenes, Carol Lewis and Jan Snyder.

Research Committee

Committee Leadership:
Associate Director Dr. Ana Puig

This committee engages in the development of research proposals (e.g., evidence-based mindfulness research; research on mindfulness, trauma, health and well-being; post-traumatic stress disorder and post-traumatic growth; mindfulness and technologies). Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method research are employed to study the mechanism of mindfulness, the effects of mindfulness interventions or training, and associations and/or relationships between mindfulness and other variables (e.g., well-being, compassion, perceived stress, depression, resilience, humility, spirituality).

Committee members: Monika Ardelt, Sabine Grunwald, Jennifer Kennymore, Liva LaMontagne, Tyler S. Nesbit, Lilianny Virguez, and Yao-Chin Wang.

Holding Hands

Student Development Committee

Committee Leadership:
Associate Director Jennifer Kennymore

This committee focuses on various aspects of student development, such as student’s engagement in mindfulness activities, participation in mindfulness interventions and practice sessions; internships; learning how to conduct mindfulness research, and more. 

Committee members: Liva LaMontagne, Tyler S. Nesbit.

Yoga at Home

If you like to affiliate with UF Mindfulness and support its vision please sign-up here. You will receive the UF newsletter. 

If you like to become a Member of UF Mindfulness and have been trained or certified in mindfulness, are a long-time meditation, yoga or mind-body practitioner, work at UF,  and/or are passionate about mindfulness please contact the UF Mindfulness leadership team: 

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