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Welcome Visiting Mindfulness Scholars

If you are an academic scholar or researcher actively engaged in the study of mindfulness meditation and/or mind-body practices consider a short stay for a sabbatical or self-funded research visit to engage with UF Mindfulness.  Scholars and researchers using quantitative, qualitative, and/or mixed method designs to study mindfulness, mind-body, health, well-being,  human flourishing, compassion, spirituality, wisdom and related topics  are invited to form partnerships with  UF Mindfulness. 

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UF Mindfulness and Wisdom Think Tank

Evidence-based mindfulness research has increased profoundly over the past decade. UF Mindfulness team members are especially interested in understudied topics: 

  • Mindfulness and faculty members and teachers in higher education (not college students)

  • Mindfulness and mind-body practices in nature 

  • Meditation, mind-body practices, and embodiment (in coaching, counseling, and therapy)

  • Mindfulness, wellness, flourishing  and AI 

  • Ethics of mindfulness and "the machine" (human-machine interaction, apps, tools, smart devices that support meditation) 

  • Meditation linguistics (sutras, nondual texts, meditation instructions)

  • Transpersonal psychology

  • Spirituality and wisdom

The University of Florida is situated in Gainesville, Florida, USA which is a vibrant community with groups/centers that offer training/teaching of diverse spiritualities and meditation practices. Florida's beautiful landscape invites  nature walks, hiking, and enjoyment of green spaces. 

Contact UF Mindfulness stating your interests and goals for an academic visit. 

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