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Mindful Creativity

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Written collaboratively by mindful practitioners in 360 Mindfulness (Feb. 22, 2021). Thank you Ana for your facilitation to bring forth beauty.  

In the summer, I am no bummer

Willow tree moving in the spring rain

I’m watching a cardinal fly by and reminds me of my brother

Water and sky blend with my sapphire inner peace

I am awaiting a precious diamond ring

We both felt gratitude

What a wasabi flavor!

The thoughts run through my mind and I am filled with empathy

A river flows within me and the new day brings peace and love

A spring quietly boils up

My heart leaps for joy

As I scream and dance with wild abandon- and run into the ocean,

Wearing my green diamond and the djembe drumbeat

Makes a continuous rhythmic sound of my heartbeat

On a sunny spring day in the dawn hours

Days start like the motion to hug someone and end with the sound of a t-rex roar

The cello so low reminds me of winter, remind me of sparrows

I will throw away the crutches I do not need.

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