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Support UF Mindfulness

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Inspire students and the UF community through a gift to the

UF Mindfulness Education and Research Fund, UF Foundation.

The UF Mindfulness Program is self-funded and the leadership team and members of UF Mindfulness volunteer their time to offer the program to the UF community.

We rely on you to make a difference and support the program. UF Mindfulness is invested in mindfulness research, capacity building, training and practice of mindfulness as a life skill in support of the UF community. We believe that mindfulness contributes to create compassionate and purposeful work and study places, specifically in a corporate  academic  work environment such as UF.  All people in the UF community are invited to benefit from mindfulness training, practice, and research to flourish and  reach their highest potential. 


We believe that investment in STEM and other disciplines (AI, biotechnology, medicine, law, business, etc.)  has outpaced funding of mindfulness and well-being at higher education institutions.  Our heartfelt goal is to provide equal access to mindfulness training and resources, specifically in higher education faced with mental health crisis among students and faculty members. 


Help us co-create a flourishing UF campus culture. 

Co-create a compassionate UF.

Imagine possibilities! Our vision is to create a Mindfulness center or institute at UF - like the one shown below - that provides access to new beautiful spaces to practice mindfulness, offer trainings, conduct evidence-based mindfulness and compassion research. Help us create "a home" for UF Mindfulness that supports mental, emotional, and bodily health in support of academic success for all students and faculty.  

Yoga Studio

Big Donors and Philanthropists

We invite you to talk directly to the Director of UF Mindfulness, Sabine Grunwald (contact email to setup a meeting), if you consider making a larger earmarked gift to help create a 'Mindfulness & Compassion Research and Education Center' at UF, fund a meditation pavilion, the development of new undergraduate and graduate mindfulness curricula and certificates, and/or student fellowships. 

 --- Thank you. 

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