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1-Day Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Retreat

January 26, 2019

Casa Micanopy Retreat Center

Casa Micanopy 2.png
Casa Micanopy 1.png

Description of Retreat

The costs for the teacher, retreat space, and snacks for the 1-day retreat are sponsored by UF Mindfulness and Human Resources UF. There is no registration fee (zero $, a gift to you!), but we request that you register to hold a seat (maximum seats: 20) and honor to participate in the retreat. If you are unable to attend the retreat we ask you kindly to cancel your registration at least 7 days before the retreat (to cancel send an email to UF Mindfulness). Seats will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis. People who register after 20 retreat seats are filled will be placed on a waiting list and in case of a cancellation able to earn a seat. To register is making a commitment to participate, learn, practice, and enjoy the retreat. You are invited to practice mindfulness and honor to register and then attend the retreat; or cancel in case you are unable to attend the retreat. The online registration has passed and is closed.

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