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Blog UF Mind #15: Inner Peace - Peace Poem

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

By Sabine Grunwald

#Peace is #tranquility. Peace is #silence, #compassion, #kindness, #friendship, and #love. Peace is freedom from disturbance, from #trauma, from tragedy.

Peace is threatened by loud and visible forces – bullying, trolling, guns, hateful and angry voices, war, terrorism, a noisy world of tweets.

Our own minds are chatter boxes that reflect the chatter in media and images blinking and beeping for our attention.

Today, peace faces new danger: The climate and environmental crisis, which threatens our security, our livelihood and our lives, specifically the poor and marginalized in our communities.

Peace is also threatened by these quiet and invisible forces that lurk in the shadow – like climate change, words unspoken and withhold, indifference, unkindness, disconnected from the LOVE that we long.

Even being quiet is seen as a threat. The storyline goes “I don’t have time”, “I cannot meditate”, “I cannot be still” or “I am not good enough”.

Our longing for peacefulness is not silence that is lonely and inept.

Peacefulness is the silence filled with DEEP LOVE, an inner knowing, wisdom, coming home, feeling at home, and being at home – even in the face of bullying and trolling storms.

Peace from that inner place is indestructible despite loud and disturbing voices that may stress us.

#INNER PEACE gives us the strength to speak up against gender, racial, social, and economic inequality and oppression; speak up when faced with lie after lie.

Inner peace is strong like a diamond that has the strength to cut through othering – that “YOU and I are different from each other; this inner strength cuts through anxiousness, fears, and anger.

In surrender to inner peace & listening to our heart song we free ourselves and find grace, LOVE; recognizing that LOVE is the universe.

Let us come together and unify in the quest for inner peace to change this roaring and bursting world.

Let us move toward that inner peace and meditate.


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