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Guest Blog Mind #4: Meditation Experience

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

By Emily A. Petkovsek

For the past few weeks, I have meditated with my Spanish class by use of an online #meditation guide. The experience has been really eye-opening. Before this, I had never tried meditation. At the start, I was extremely apprehensive. In my mind, meditation was only for the people who were into yoga. I had a very negative approach, I thought, “Meditation doesn’t actually work, and it especially doesn’t work for me.” However, after the first 10 minute session I opened my eyes and felt a little calmer, a little more at peace. Taking a step back for only a moment had allowed me to focus in on the present, and put my stress aside.  After I understood how meditation worked and the result, I began to really enjoy the 10 minutes at the start of my Spanish class. My outlook was completely changed. I have yet to try meditating outside of class, but the prospect is no longer completely unrealistic.

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