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Guest Blog Mind #5: Meditation Experience

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

By Bhuvna Mahajan


#Meditation is simply the state of being. It is a beautiful experience that allows one to become connected to their inner self. Being a first-generation Indian American, meditation is a practice that I was taught at a young  age by my parents as it is a large part of my culture. The beauty of stillness and becoming one with your breath is a concept that fascinates me even today. Meditation allows me to step away from all my worries and tensions and calm my mind. Allowing myself even 5 minutes worth of meditation brings this sense of peace in me that allows me to become more productive, not only in my schoolwork, but also in my personal life. Meditation provides me with the tools to be more patient and understanding of others. I am grateful to have the opportunity to meditate with my classmates and professor in my Spanish for Health Professions class. The powerful energy that manifests as a result of 30+ people meditating together is something that truly cannot be described with words, and I am thankful to have this experience.

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