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Guest Blog Mind #1: What is mindfulness?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

By Emi Lenes


Standing on the shoulders of giants, I have learned that #Mindfulness is always located in this very moment, noticing with curiosity and compassion whatever is arising in the body, heart or mind, with a tender acceptance of any “negative” or “positive” quality that we might typically associate with whatever is happening.  Having an awareness of ourselves with an aerial view, a vast spaciousness, a big sky mind.  We are being mindful when we are present, and realize our humanness is analogous to a wave that comes up in the ocean, and then settles down into merging with oceanic enormity.   We are being mindful when we are aware of sensations happening in our body.  We are mindfully eating, when we taste the textures and minute flavors inherent in each bite.  We are mindfully walking, when we feel and focus on the place that our feet are making contact with our shoes, and where our shoes are touching the ground.   We are mindfully driving, when our mind is not thinking about something disturbing or exciting about the past or future, yet rather, we are sharply conscious of the physical surroundings that we are amidst.  Mindful relationships involve an i-thou eminence, where there is self compassion and compassion for the other, no matter what the situation is.  When #fear arises in oneself or in others, mindfulness entails giving space, curiosity and kindness to the fear, as one might relate to a beloved child who is scared.  Rather than being swept away by the child’s fear (or one’s own fear), a wise mindful adult might provide empathic comfort juxtaposed with a strong faith that everything is okay, no matter what is happening. Mindfulness entails slowing down, going at the pace of #nature, and in the infinite right now-ness, experiencing expansive love.

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